Welcome to 20,000 Leagues, the internet home of SANCHO, Ireland's favourite Dublin-based Mexican ex-exorcist-priest-cum-demon-hunter black-horror-comedy comic.

Created by Alan Nolan & Ian Whelan, and previously shortlisted for two prestigious Eagle awards, Sancho is returning now to the comic book shelves after an absence of four years!

The new issue, Sancho: Land of Saints and Psychos, is available in a limited edition US size 12 page hard copy, and also as an unlimited pdf download, and sets the scene for a longer format comic that Ian and Al will be releasing in the coming months.

You can buy Sancho: Land of Saints and Psychos and loads other goodies by clicking here!

Alan Nolan is the author and illustrator of The Murder Can Be Fatal Mysteries series and The Big Break Detectives Casebook, all graphic novels for younger readers, published by the O'Brien Press. His latest book for O'Brien's, Fintan's Fifteen, an illustrated novel about the worst U12s hurling team in Ireland (tagline: You'll laugh, you'll cry... you'll hurl!) is available nationwide from 21st April. Click here for more.

Ian Whelan is an author and film maker. His latest film Ponydance was screened by TG4 as part of their popular Splanc series, and recently won a Celtiuc Media Film Festival award for Youth Programme. It is to be screened by BBC this year. Click here for more.

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